How I deal With Escapism

Akiko Green
5 min readFeb 26, 2023

It has taken me a few months and a few sessions of therapy to understand my escapism and I am finally here to write about it.

What is Escapism?

The dictionary definition of escapism is,

noun: Escapism: the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.

When I hear this word, I think about my younger self and how she used to escape through video games. My all-time favorite games were Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Harry Potter, or anything non-fiction with a plot. You’re probably wondering, “What could make a kid so stressed out to escape with video came?” Nothing! Video games were a way for me to stay out of trouble!

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I used to be what my mom called a “House mouse”, thanks to video games! My first ever console was the see-through Gameboy Color. My first game was Pokemon Red(I think?), with Charmander as my Pokemon of choice! I was hooked! I never wanted to play with other kids after school, I never really did my homework and I was always that kid in the corner at family events that played with her games. I couldn’t have predicted that video games, and later TV & movies would help amplify my need for escape.

When life finally got stressful

I was the best reality escape artist around the time I was in middle school. Around this time, Gameboy Advance, Playstations, Gamecube, The Wii, etc slowly emerged. Not only that, but we also got cable for the first time, which meant access to cartoons, anime, movies, etc.

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Full transparency, I was not a smart cookie in middle school. I once struggled with spelling alcohol in class. I could have been a better student, I barely did my homework or did well on tests. I spent most of the time hanging out with friends or playing games. Although I am not blaming video games and television, they were a huge part of my escape when stressed…



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