Imposter Syndrome, Can I Beat This?

Akiko Green
8 min readFeb 10, 2023
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Imposter syndrome (noun): a psychological condition that is characterized by persistent doubt concerning one’s abilities or accomplishments accompanied by the fear of being exposed as a fraud despite evidence of one’s ongoing success.

A feeling we are uncomfortably familiar with in our lives. Whether at work, in hobbies, sports, or in our friendships and relationships. The feeling of self-doubt loves to sneak up on us like a lion hunting for its next dinner. However, like most feelings, this one is only temporary.

My Journey So Far

In January 2020, I decided to take a risky leap of faith and start learning how to code. I started off using Freecodecamp’s free coding resources. There I learned how to create a simple static website with HTML and CSS. I was overjoyed to see that I created a mini blog post with an embedded youtube video.

I worked day and night teaching myself HTML and CSS, along with starting Javascript for a more user-interactive experience!

Around February, I started looking into how other people were learning how to code. Since my bachelor’s degree was on hold because of the pandemic, I still had the mindset of how to learn concepts through some kind of schooling. I researched HackBright, HackReactor, Flatiron, and CodeAcademy to see what people’s experiences in these boot camps were like. Flatiron School was my school of choice because of how welcoming they were to me when I visited their onsite tour. going through their online pre-work was challenging for me. However, the online assistances were friendly, helpful, and accommodating with resources. Long Story short, I passed the coding interview and by June I started my journey to becoming a programmer!

My First Taste of Imposter Syndrome

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